Our Story From The Beginning

A passion for perfection forms our foundations

About us

E.C. Car Detailing Ltd is a Specialist bespoke vehicle detailing, restoration and customisation service based in Beckenham.

We offer studio based bespoke Detailing treatments to preserve, protect, restore and customise vehicles to bring them back to a high quality appearance. We also offer mobile entry-level and aftercare Detailing treatments across London and Kent. All treatments are tailored to the needs of each client and their vehicles for a high end finish.

Our History

Founded in 2014 by the visionary Erik Cizmar, E.C. Car Detailing is not your ordinary Detailing service, it’s a testament to the fusion of passion, quality and skill.
Erik’s lifelong love for cars and his meticulous nature propelled him on a journey that ultimately birthed a brand that has become synonymous with automotive perfection.

Erik’s skills were recognised by the legendary elite vehicle manufacturer McLaren in 2018, when he joined the company as their in-house Detailer. There, he further honed his pioneering approach to the automotive craft. Driven by his commitment to excellence, Erik embarked on a mission to elevate the performance of E.C. Car Detailing to unparalleled levels.

So, what sets E.C. Car Detailing apart?

We aim is to craft an unparalleled experience through our bespoke detailing and restorative services.

Our team is composed of skilled artisans in advanced car care, driven by a genuine devotion to their work. Car Detailing is the process of protecting, restoring and enhancing your vehicle’s appearance. At E.C. Car Detailing, the process involves innovative precision and attention.

Our Mission

Our mission is to craft an unparalleled experience through our bespoke Detailing and restorative services. We work with premium products and strive to ensure that our studio, equipment and technique are of the highest standard possible.
Our values are based on passion, quality and skill to ensure that our clients receive the highest outcome expected. Our culture is built on authenticity, humility and transparency to create not just a team but a community of passionate car enthusiasts.

Meet our team

Erik Cizmar
Alexandra Kaye

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