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General FAQs

What services does your detailing company offer?
We offer a wide range of automotive detailing, restoration and customisation services, including mobile detailing, interior detailing, exterior detailing, paint correction, ceramic coating, and more. You can find a list of our treatments under our services tab.
How often should I get my car detailed?
The frequency of detailing depends on your car's use and your personal preferences. However, most car owners opt for a full detail every 1 to 6 months to maintain their vehicle's appearance and value.
What is the difference between interior and exterior detailing?
Interior detailing focuses on cleaning and restoring the inside of your vehicle, including the seats, dashboard, carpets and more. Exterior detailing involves cleaning, polishing and protecting the vehicle's exterior surfaces, such as the paint, wheels, and tyres.
Do you offer mobile detailing services?
Yes, we offer both in-studio and mobile detailing services for your convenience. Our mobile detailing service allows us to come to your location, whether it's your home or office, to detail your vehicle. However, we offer entry-level detailing treatments mobile whereas anything more advanced will need to be completed in our studio.
How long does a detailing service typically take?

The time required for detailing varies based on the type of service and the condition of your vehicle. On average, a full detail can take anywhere from 1 to 6 days to complete.

What is paint correction, and do I need it?

Paint correction is a process to remove swirl marks, scratches and other imperfections in your car's paintwork. You may need it if your vehicle's paint has noticeable imperfections, but we can assess this during our initial inspection which you can book in here.

What is ceramic coating, and what are its benefits?
Ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to your vehicle's exterior post paint correction treatment. It offers long-lasting protection against UV rays, environmental contaminants and enhances the vehicle's shine.
How can I schedule an appointment with your detailing company?

You can schedule an appointment by calling us, visiting our website or using our online booking system to arrange a vehicle inspection. We'll work with you to find a convenient time for your service along with the best options for your requirements.

Do you offer any package deals or discounts for multiple services?
Yes, we often have package deals and special offers for customers who choose multiple services. We also have a closed WhatsApp group so that we can communicate last minute appointments, promotions and discounts.
What precautions do you take to protect my vehicle during detailing?
We take various precautions to ensure your vehicle's safety, including using high-quality products, trained technicians and protective measures to prevent damage during the detailing process.
Are your detailing products safe for the environment?
We prioritise PH neutral detailing products to minimise our impact on the environment.
Can you remove pet hair and stubborn stains from the interior of my car?
Yes, we have specialised techniques and products to effectively remove pet hair and stubborn stains from your car's interior.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, cash and digital payment options. Please check with us for specific details on payment options.
Is there a warranty on your detailing services?
We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our services. If you are not satisfied with the results, please contact us within three months of your treatment to discuss a resolution.
Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards for your detailing services?

Yes, we offer gift certificates, which make great gifts for friends and family who want to give their vehicles a special treat. Find out more here

Detailing FAQs

I just bought a used car that needs some love. Would the Correction Detail help?
Yes! The Correction Detail is perfect for this. It includes a single-stage machine polish to fix paint imperfections, followed by a ceramic wax coating to boost shine and protect. It's also a good choice for preserving classic cars.
My car has lots of scratches and swirls. Can you make it look like new?
Our Signature Detailing package with multi-stage machine polishing is what you need. It's designed to deeply correct paint imperfections, giving your car that incredible showroom-level shine. Plus, the ceramic coating will protect it for a long time.
I want the absolute best for my car. What kind of detailing should I get?
The Ultimate Detail is exactly that – the ultimate! It includes meticulous multi-stage paint correction, engine bay restoration, headlight restoration, deep interior work, and a highly durable ceramic coating. It's the ideal choice for show cars and anyone who wants flawless results.
How much do your detailing services cost?

We have several packages with varying prices to suit your needs:
Essential: Prices start from £250.00
Correction: Prices start from £595.00
Signature: Prices start from £1,195.00
Ultimate: Prices start from £1,995.00

How long will my detailing appointment take?

Appointment durations vary based on the package you choose:
Essential: Estimated 6-10 hours
Correction: Estimated 2 days
Signature: Estimated 2-3 days
Ultimate: Estimated 4-5 days

I'm not sure which package I need, can you advise me?
Absolutely! Contact us and describe your vehicle's condition. We'll be happy to recommend the perfect package for you.
Do the detailing services include interior cleaning?
Yes! All of our packages include comprehensive interior cleaning, including steaming, vacuuming, treating leather/fabric, and protecting all surfaces.
What is a ceramic coating, and what's the benefit?
Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that bonds with your car's paint, providing a layer of protection harder than typical wax. It repels dirt and water, enhances gloss, prevents fading, and makes washing much easier.
Do you offer mobile detailing services?
Yes! We offer a convenient mobile detailing service so you can have your car detailed at your home or workplace.

We also operate from a dedicated unit located at 1a Copers Cope Road, Beckenham, BR3 1NB.

Contact us for a mobile detailing quote, and we'll assess if it's possible based on your location and specific requirements.

Do you offer any guarantee on your detailing work?

Absolutely! We stand behind our work and want you to be completely satisfied with the results. If for any reason you're not happy, let us know and we'll make it right.

The Essential Detailing Package:

I'm pretty good about washing my car regularly. Do I still need the Essential package?
Yes! Regular washing is great, but the Essential package goes deeper, removing contaminants that washing can't touch. Think of it like a deep cleaning for your car, extending the results of your regular washes and protecting your paintwork.
My car has some water spots and light swirl marks. Will this package take care of those?
The Essential package will significantly improve those issues. It includes decontamination treatments to remove water spots and a hand polish to reduce the appearance of light swirl marks.
I want to protect my car's paint, but I'm not looking for a full correction. Is the Essential package right for me?
Definitely! The Essential package includes a ceramic wax coating that provides a protective layer against the elements, helping your car stay cleaner for longer and making it easier to wash.
I've never had my car professionally detailed. Is the Essential package a good place to start?
Absolutely! The Essential package offers a comprehensive detailing experience at an entry-level price, introducing you to the benefits of professional car care.
What does the 'Prevention Focus' mean in the description?
It means the Essential package is designed to proactively protect your car's finish. The deep cleaning and ceramic wax coating help shield against future damage and make it easier to keep your car looking its best.

The Correction Detailing Package:

My car has some swirls and light scratches. Will the Correction Package help?
Yes! The Correction Package is designed to address those issues. The single-stage machine polish will remove light scratches and swirls, restoring shine and making your paint look smoother.
I just bought a used car with faded paint. Can this service make it look new again?
While the Correction Package can greatly improve faded paint, it may not fully restore it to a brand-new appearance. It depends on the level of fading. We recommend contacting us for a consultation to best assess the results you can expect.
Is the Correction Package good for preserving my classic car?
Absolutely! Classic cars often have unique paint finishes, and our Correction Package will rejuvenate the paint and add a layer of protection. It helps preserve your classic's charm and safeguard its value.
What's the difference between the Correction Package and the Signature Detailing package?
The Signature Detailing package includes a multi-stage polishing process for deeper paint correction. The Correction Package offers a single stage polish, making it ideal for light to moderate imperfections.
What is included in the 'Comprehensive Refresh' aspect of this package?
The Comprehensive Refresh includes a meticulous cleaning of the interior and exterior, removing deep-set stains, and restoring the overall appearance of your vehicle.

The Signature Detailing Package:

My car has a lot of scratches and swirls. Can the Signature package make them disappear?
The Signature package is our most advanced paint correction option. It includes a multi-stage polishing process specifically designed to remove deep scratches and swirls, restoring the paint to a near-flawless state.
Will this make my car look better than when it was new?
That's definitely the goal! The Signature package goes beyond a factory finish. The level of paint correction and the superior ceramic coating will give your car an exceptional gloss and depth.
How long will the results of the Signature package last?
The ceramic coating offers long-term protection, typically lasting several years with proper maintenance. This helps keep your car looking its best and protects the investment you've made in the detailing.
I'm really particular about my car. How does the Signature package go the extra mile?
The Signature package is about meticulous attention to detail. Our technicians take extra time in every step, ensuring no area is overlooked and the final result meets the highest standards.
What makes the Signature package 'Effective long-term protection'?
The combination of advanced paint correction and a high-quality ceramic coating creates a durable shield against environmental damage. This ensures your car's renewed finish stays looking incredible for a long time.

The Ultimate Detailing Package:

What makes the Ultimate Detail package different from other detailing options?
The Ultimate package goes above and beyond, focusing on absolute perfection. It includes techniques like wheel removal for thorough cleaning, engine bay restoration, and headlight restoration, ensuring every single aspect of your car is flawless
My car is in pretty good condition. Is the Ultimate package still worth it?
Even new cars can benefit from the Ultimate package! It takes a good finish and makes it spectacular. The advanced polishing techniques and ceramic coating enhance depth and gloss beyond what's possible from the factory.
I'm planning to showcase my car. Will the Ultimate Package make it stand out?
Absolutely! The Ultimate package is designed for show-stopping results. It eliminates even the tiniest imperfections, leaving your car with an unbeatable shine and flawless finish that's sure to turn heads.
What kind of long-term protection does the Ultimate package offer?
The multi-layered ceramic coating creates an exceptionally durable barrier against the elements. This protects your car's newly perfected finish for years to come, keeping it looking pristine.
Is the Ultimate package really worth the higher price?
For those who demand the absolute best, the Ultimate package is an investment in unmatched perfection. It's more than detailing; it's automotive artistry, transforming your car into a masterpiece.

Bespoke Detailing:

What exactly is included in a bespoke detailing service?
Our bespoke services are completely customisable! We'll work with you to understand your car's specific needs and create a plan that could include deep interior cleaning, engine bay rejuvenation, soft top restoration, headlight restoration, and more.
Question title to goMy car has some unique issues. Can you create a bespoke plan to address them? here
Absolutely! Whether you're dealing with pet hair, stubborn stains, mould, or other specific concerns, our experts will design a tailored treatment plan to restore your car to its best condition.
How long does a bespoke detailing service take?
The duration depends on the specific services you choose. Some treatments can be completed in a few hours, while more comprehensive restorations may take a full day or longer. We'll provide a clear timeline during your consultation.
How much do bespoke detailing services cost?
Pricing for bespoke detailing is personalised based on the treatments you select. Contact us for a consultation and a detailed quote.
I'm not sure which bespoke services I need. Can you help me decide?
Of course! We offer free consultations to assess your vehicle and recommend the best combination of bespoke services to achieve your desired results.

Mobile Detailing FAQs

Do I need to be home while my car is being detailed?
No, you don't need to be present! We bring the detailing expertise right to your doorstep – whether that's your home, work, or another location that works for you. Just provide access to your vehicle, water, and electricity, and we'll take care of the rest.
What's the difference between the mobile detailing packages?

We offer three packages to match your car's needs and budget:

The Rinse: Quick cleaning for a refreshed look.
The Refresh: Deeper cleaning and maintenance.
The Revival: Full restoration for neglected vehicles.

How long does a mobile detailing appointment take?

The duration depends on your chosen package:

The Rinse: Up to 1 hour
The Refresh: Up to 2 hours
The Revival: Up to 4 hours

What areas do you service with your mobile detailing?
We primarily service locations within a 10-mile radius of our studio in Beckenham. For areas outside this radius, we're happy to travel further with a simple travel fee of £3.00 per mile.
Can I customise my mobile detailing package?
Absolutely! Our packages offer a fantastic base, but we're happy to customise them to suit your car's unique needs. Simply get in touch to discuss what you'd like, and we'll provide you with a personalised quote.

Preservation FAQs

Ceramic Coating:

What is a ceramic coating and how does it protect my car?
A ceramic coating is a specialised liquid polymer that bonds with your car's paint. It creates a durable, protective layer that shields against scratches, UV rays, water spots, chemicals, and other harmful elements.
How long does a ceramic coating last?
High-quality ceramic coatings, professionally applied, can last several years. At E.C. Car Detailing, we offer a 12-month warranty to ensure the quality of our work.
Do I need to do anything special to maintain my ceramic coating?
While ceramic coatings make maintenance easier, they still require some attention. Regular washing with pH-neutral car soaps and following your detailer's aftercare plan (like ours!) will help maximise the coating's lifespan.
Why is paint correction important before applying a ceramic coating?
Ceramic coatings essentially seal in the current condition of your paint. Any scratches, swirls, or imperfections present before application will be more noticeable. Paint correction guarantees a flawless base for the coating, maximising its shine and protective benefits.
What does the E.C. Car Detailing ceramic coating warranty cover?
Our warranty covers defects in the coating's material or our application process for a full 12 months. To maintain warranty coverage, follow our aftercare plan and avoid harsh cleaning methods.

Paint Protection Film:

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF) and how does it work?
PPF is a thin, durable, and often transparent film applied to a car's paintwork. It acts as a barrier against scratches, stone chips, stains, UV rays, and other minor damage, keeping the original paint looking its best.
What are the main benefits of PPF?

Protection: PPF shields against everyday wear, minor mishaps, and environmental damage.

Resale value: A car with PPF retains a higher value due to its well-protected paintwork.

Self-healing: Some PPFs can "heal" minor scratches when exposed to heat.

Aesthetics: PPF can provide a glossy or matte finish for a customised look.

How long does PPF last?
High-quality PPF, properly installed, can last 5-10 years. Our PPF comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.
Can I wash and wax my car with PPF?

Yes! You can treat a car with PPF just like regular paintwork. Check out our aftercare services to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Is PPF a worthwhile investment?
If you prioritise your car's appearance, want to protect its resale value, and wish to avoid frequent repainting, PPF is a smart investment.

Customisation FAQs


Beyond looks, how does window tinting benefit my car?
Window tinting blocks harmful UV rays, protecting your car's interior from fading and cracking. It reduces interior heat and glare, making your car cooler and more comfortable, especially in the summer.
Does window tinting affect my visibility at night?
High-quality window tint films offer excellent clarity even at night. Our professional installation ensures you maintain optimal visibility while still enjoying the benefits of tinting.
Can window tinting increase my car's privacy and security?
Yes! Tinting makes it harder to see inside your vehicle, providing an added layer of privacy. It can also deter smash-and-grab thefts by making valuables less visible.
I'm concerned about bubbles or peeling. How long does professional tinting last?
When applied by experts, window tint films are incredibly durable. We use top-quality materials and meticulous techniques to ensure a long-lasting, bubble-free, and fade-resistant finish.
What tint colours and percentages are available?
We offer a wide selection! Choose from various shades, including popular gradients, and the legal limit percentages. We'll guide you through selecting the perfect tint to match your car and your needs.

Vinyl Wrapping:

How long does a vinyl wrap last?
A professionally installed, high-quality vinyl wrap can last for several years with proper care. Expect a lifespan of 5-7 years on average.
Can vinyl wraps be applied to any car?
Yes! Vinyl wraps can be applied to most cars, lorries, vans, and even motorcycles. Our experts will assess your vehicle to ensure optimal results.
Is vinyl wrap maintenance difficult?
Caring for a vinyl wrap is simple. Hand washing with mild soap and water is recommended. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes.
What's the difference between vinyl wrapping and painting?
Vinyl wrapping is a temporary, protective layer that can be removed. Painting is a permanent change to the vehicle's colour. Wrapping offers more flexibility and design options.
How much does vinyl wrapping cost?
The cost depends on the size of your vehicle, the complexity of the design, and the type of vinyl film chosen. Contact us for a personalised quote.

De-Chrome Wrapping:

Is de-chrome wrapping reversible?
Yes! High-quality vinyl can be removed without damaging the original chrome, allowing you to restore the original look of your car.
Can de-chrome wrapping be done on any car?
De-chrome wrapping is suitable for most vehicles with chrome accents. Our experts will assess your car to ensure a seamless application.
How does de-chrome wrapping differ from blacking out chrome?
Both achieve a similar look, but de-chrome wrapping offers greater versatility in colour and finish options beyond just black.
What is the durability of de-chrome wrapping?
With professional installation and care, a de-chrome wrap can last for several years, protecting the underlying chrome from the elements.
How much does de-chrome wrapping cost?
The cost depends on the extent of the chrome elements on your vehicle and the chosen vinyl material. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Interior Retrim:

What materials are used in interior retrimming?
We work with a vast array of materials, including premium leather, Alcantara, fabrics, and more. Choose the textures and colours that perfectly suit your style.
What elements of the interior can be retrimmed?
The possibilities are extensive! Retrim seats, dashboards, steering wheels, door panels, headliners, carpets, and more.
Can you match my interior retrim to my car's original design?
Absolutely! We can replicate factory finishes or work with you to create a completely bespoke, one-of-a-kind interior.
How long does an interior retrim take?
The duration depends on the scope of the project. We'll provide a clear timeline during your consultation.
How much does an interior retrim cost?
Pricing is tailored to your specific customisation. Contact us for a personalised quote and explore the possibilities.

Calliper Respray:

What colours and finishes can I choose for my calliper respray?

The possibilities are nearly endless! Explore vibrant colours, classic hues, matte finishes, and even custom logos.

How long does the calliper respray process take?
The process typically takes 1-2 days depending on complexity, allowing time for proper paint preparation and curing.
Can you match the callipers to my car's paint?
Absolutely! We can colour-match your callipers for a cohesive look or create a contrasting accent for a bolder statement.
Do calliper resprays require special maintenance?
Minimal upkeep is needed. Regular washing with mild soap and water will keep them looking their best.
How much does a calliper respray cost?
Pricing varies based on the size of your callipers and the chosen finish. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Alloy Respray:

Can you repair damage to my alloys before respraying them?
Yes! Our skilled technicians can fix minor kerb damage, scuffs, and other imperfections for a flawless finish.
How long does an alloy respray take?
The process typically takes a few days, allowing time for careful preparation, painting, and curing.
How do I choose the right colour and finish for my alloys?
We'll guide you through our extensive selection, offering recommendations based on your car and your desired look.
Is alloy respraying a durable solution?
With proper care, a professional respray can last for years, maintaining a vibrant and protected finish.
How much does an alloy respray cost?
Pricing depends on the size of your wheels, the chosen finish, and any necessary repairs. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Repair FAQs

What's the difference between repair and restoration?
Repair focuses on fixing a specific issue (e.g., one dent). Restoration is a broader process aimed at returning something as close as possible to its original condition.
How do I know if my vehicle needs restoration services?
You might consider restoration if you have multiple areas of damage, want to improve your car's overall appearance, or are preparing to sell.
Can all dents be fixed with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?
PDR works best on shallow dents in flexible areas of the car. Deeper dents or those on creases may still need traditional repairs.
How much do scratch repairs typically cost?
Cost depends on the depth, size, and location of the scratch. Shallow scratches can be surprisingly affordable to fix.
When is a full panel respray necessary?
Resprays are needed when the damage is too deep to fix, the paint is severely faded, or you want a complete colour change.
What is involved in car key replacement?
Modern keys often need programming to the vehicle's security system, a process requiring specialised equipment.
Can you fix cigarette burns in car upholstery?

Yes, specialised repair techniques can mend burn holes in fabric and leather, leaving the area almost indistinguishable.

Does alloy refurbishment include fixing damage like kerb rash?
Absolutely! Refurbishment typically involves repairing scuffs and gouges before the final paint or powder coat is applied.
How long does leather restoration take?
It depends on the damage extent. Minor wear and colour fading can often be fixed in a day, while major repairs could take longer.
Is it cheaper to repair a window or replace it entirely?
Repair is nearly always cheaper than replacement, but only works for small chips and cracks in non-essential areas of the glass.

Dent Removal:

What types of dents can be fixed with PDR?
PDR is ideal for small to medium-sized dents, such as door dings or hail damage, as long as the paint isn't cracked or chipped.
Can PDR fix dents on any part of my car?
While PDR is versatile, its effectiveness may be limited on certain areas with complex curves or reinforced panels.
How long does a PDR repair take?
Most repairs are completed within a day. Larger or more complex dents may require slightly more time.
Will the dent completely disappear?
Our skilled technicians strive for undetectable repairs. Results depend on the dent's size, location, and depth.
How much does PDR cost?
Pricing varies based on the dent's characteristics. Contact us for a personalised quote and assessment.

Scratch Repair:

Can all types of scratches be repaired?
Most light to moderate scratches can be successfully fixed. Very deep scratches that penetrate through the paint layers may require more extensive repairs.
How do you match my car's paint colour?
We use advanced colour-matching technology to ensure a seamless blend with your car's existing paintwork.
Is professional scratch repair expensive?
Scratch repair is typically a cost-effective solution, especially when compared to a complete panel respray.
How long does scratch repair take?
Small scratch repairs can often be completed the same day. More extensive work may take longer.
Will the repair be noticeable?
Our skilled technicians strive for undetectable repairs, restoring your car's flawless finish.

Alloy Resfurbishment:

What's involved in the refurbishment process?
Alloy refurbishment typically includes cleaning, repairs, stripping old paint, repainting or powder coating, and a final quality inspection.
Can you fix badly damaged alloys?
Yes! Our skilled technicians can restore even severely damaged alloys, ensuring they look and function like new.
How long does alloy refurbishment take?
The process usually takes a few days, allowing for proper preparation, meticulous repairs, and curing time.
Is alloy refurbishment expensive?
It's a cost-effective alternative to buying new alloys, saving you money while revitalising your car's appearance.
How much does alloy refurbishment cost?
Pricing depends on the size and condition of your alloys, and the chosen finish. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Leather Restoration:

What types of leather damage can be repaired?
We address various issues, including fading, cracking, scuffs, small tears, and stains, restoring your leather's original look.
Can you match the colour of my existing leather?
Yes! Our advanced colour-matching techniques ensure a seamless blend with your car's original leather.
How long does leather restoration take?
The duration depends on the extent of the restoration. Let us assess your leather to provide a timeline.
Do you offer leather cleaning and conditioning?
Yes! We provide comprehensive leather care, including deep cleaning and conditioning to maintain its suppleness and prevent future damage.
How much does leather restoration cost?
Pricing depends on the condition of your leather and the services required. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Key Replacement:

Can you replace all types of car keys?
We handle a wide range of car keys, including traditional keys, transponder keys, and modern smart keys.
What information do I need to provide?
Please have your car's make, model, year, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) ready to expedite the process.
Do I need to bring my car to you?
Depending on your car and our capabilities, we may offer mobile key replacement services for added convenience.
How long does key replacement take?
The process can vary depending on the complexity of your car's key. We'll provide a clear timeline during your enquiry.
How much does key replacement cost?
Pricing depends on the type of key and any necessary programming. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Aftercare FAQs

What is the E.C. Car Detailing Aftercare Plan?
The Aftercare Plan is a subscription service designed to maintain your vehicle's appearance and preserve the quality of the detailing treatments it received. It ensures your vehicle continues to look and feel fresh all year round.
How does the Aftercare Plan work?

Step 1: Plan Eligibility:
To qualify for the Aftercare Plan, you must first book one of our detailing packages, starting from our Correction Detail Treatment, at least 6 weeks prior to starting the plan.

Step 2: Optional Duration:
You choose the frequency of maintenance detailing treatments based on your preference: every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, or every 6 weeks. Prices range from £75.00 to £145.00.

Step 3: Scheduling:
After your initial detailing treatment, we'll schedule your subsequent appointments based on your chosen maintenance interval.

What are the benefits of the Aftercare Plan?

Preservation of Coating Quality:
Our plan is tailored to preserve the quality of the ceramic coating applied during detailing, ensuring it continues to offer protection over time.

Structured Maintenance:
The Aftercare Plan provides a systematic approach to maintaining your vehicle's appearance with regular detailing treatments at specified intervals.

Flexible Options:
You have the flexibility to choose maintenance intervals that suit your schedule and preferences, ranging from every 2 weeks to every 6 weeks.

Convenience and Value:
By opting for the Aftercare Plan, you can conveniently maintain your vehicle's appearance while preserving its value and longevity.

How do I sign up for the Aftercare Plan?

To sign up for the Aftercare Plan, simply book one of our detailing packages and express your interest in joining the Aftercare Plan during the booking process. Our team will guide you through the next steps.

Please note that the Aftercare Plan is a direct debit subscription service, ensuring seamless payments for your convenience.

Can I reschedule my maintenance appointments?

Yes, you can reschedule your appointments with a minimum of 48 hours' notice without any additional charges.

However, cancellations made with less than 48 hours' notice will incur a charge of 50% of the cost of the scheduled appointment.

We'll do our best to accommodate your request and reschedule your maintenance detailing within your agreed-upon schedule.

Please ensure to inform us of any changes as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

Are there additional charges for appointments outside your radius?

Yes, for appointments outside our 10-mile radius, there's an additional charge of £3.00 to cover extra travel costs. However, this will be communicated to you beforehand.

Is the Aftercare Plan suitable for all vehicles?
Yes, the Aftercare Plan is suitable for all vehicles, regardless of make or model. It's designed to help maintain the appearance and value of your vehicle over time.
Can I cancel my Aftercare Plan subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your Aftercare Plan subscription at any time. Please inform us in advance, and we'll assist you with the cancellation process.
How do I know which maintenance interval is right for my vehicle?
Our team will help you determine the appropriate maintenance interval based on factors such as your vehicle's usage, environmental conditions, and your personal preferences. We'll work with you to find the best fit for your needs.
Are there any special discounts or offers available with the Aftercare Plan?
Occasionally, we may offer special discounts or promotions exclusively for Aftercare Plan subscribers. Be sure to inquire about any current offers when signing up or during your maintenance appointments.