The Ultimate Detailing Service

A truly luxurious enduring appearance

About The Ultimate Treatment

The Ultimate Detail Treatment, encompassing a meticulous multi-stage machine polishing process followed by a precision Ceramic Coating application, offers an exceptional and enduring protective finish. Every inch of the vehicle is diligently worked on to achieve perfection.

Tailored for those seeking a superior long-lasting solution, this package includes a multistage machine polish to rejuvenate classic cars and preserve new vehicles. It’s the preferred choice for vehicles destined for showcase, delivering an impeccable finish that enhances gloss, clarity and protection, ensuring a truly luxurious and enduring appearance.

Price from: £1,995.00
Duration: 4-5 Days (Unit Based Only)

  • Vehicle inspected & paint measured upon arrival
  • Preparation by hand
  • Snow foam decontamination process
  • Hand treated using PH balanced shampoo
  • Safe two stage bucket method process
  • Iron fallout and tar removal process
  • Clay bar procedure
  • All door shuts, hinges and surrounds degreased
  • Badges and seals agitated
  • Wheels removed, alloys degreased, calipers polished
  • Wheel arches pressure treated and tyres dressed
  • Machine dry to remove excess liquids
  • Plastics treated and protected
  • Interior steamed, wet vacuumed & treated inc boot
  • Mats removed and treated
  • Interior leather/fabric treated and protected
  • Glass treated in and out
  • Exhaust tip treated and polished
  • Engine bay restoration
  • Exterior vinyl’s, rubbers and plastics treated
  • Headlight restoration
  • Multistage machine polish to achieve paint perfection
  • Refining polish used with the second machine polish
  • IPA prep application to remove excess oils
  • Ceramic Coating primer applied
  • Ceramic Coating sealant applied to paintwork, alloys, calipers & glass
  • Final inspection

The Ultimate Treatment Is Perfect For

Unmatched Perfection

Delivers the highest level of detailing expertise and precision, leaving your car in better-than-showroom condition with flawless results.

Advanced Techniques

Incorporates cutting-edge tools and techniques to address even the most challenging imperfections and achieve perfection.

Elite Service
Designed for clients who demand the best, providing a premium experience that sets a new standard in automotive detailing and leaves a lasting impression.

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What Our Customers Say

Got questions? Check out our car detailing FAQs

What makes the Ultimate Detail package different from other detailing options?
The Ultimate package goes above and beyond, focusing on absolute perfection. It includes techniques like wheel removal for thorough cleaning, engine bay restoration, and headlight restoration, ensuring every single aspect of your car is flawless
My car is in pretty good condition. Is the Ultimate package still worth it?
Even new cars can benefit from the Ultimate package! It takes a good finish and makes it spectacular. The advanced polishing techniques and ceramic coating enhance depth and gloss beyond what's possible from the factory.
I'm planning to showcase my car. Will the Ultimate Package make it stand out?
Absolutely! The Ultimate package is designed for show-stopping results. It eliminates even the tiniest imperfections, leaving your car with an unbeatable shine and flawless finish that's sure to turn heads.
What kind of long-term protection does the Ultimate package offer?
The multi-layered ceramic coating creates an exceptionally durable barrier against the elements. This protects your car's newly perfected finish for years to come, keeping it looking pristine.
Is the Ultimate package really worth the higher price?
For those who demand the absolute best, the Ultimate package is an investment in unmatched perfection. It's more than detailing; it's automotive artistry, transforming your car into a masterpiece.