The Signature Detailing Service

Effective long-term protection

About The Signature Treatment

The purpose of a Signature Detail Treatment, featuring a multi-stage machine polishing process followed by a ceramic coating application, is to provide a comprehensive solution for customers seeking to elevate their vehicle’s appearance.

Ideal for those aiming to enhance gloss and colour, eliminate deeply embedded swirls and scratches, or achieve a professional detailed finish, this treatment revitalises the paintwork, restores clarity and delivers long-lasting protection. It ensures a stunning, better than showroom-quality finish while protecting the vehicle’s aesthetics against future damage.

Price from: £1,195.00
Duration: 2-3 Days (Unit Based Only)

  • Vehicle inspected & paint measured upon arrival
  • Preparation by hand
  • Snow foam decontamination process
  • Hand treated using PH balanced shampoo
  • Safe two stage bucket method process
  • Iron fallout and tar removal process
  • Clay bar procedure
  • All door shuts, hinges and surrounds degreased
  • Badges and seals agitated
  • Alloy wheels treated with PH balanced degreaser
  • Wheel arches pressure treated
  • Machine dry to remove excess liquids
  • Plastics treated and protected
  • Interior steamed, wet vacuumed & treated inc boot
  • Mats removed and treated
  • Interior leather/fabric treated and protected
  • Glass treated in and out
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exhaust tip treated and polished
  • Exterior vinyl’s, rubbers and plastics treated
  • Two stage machine polish with premium compound
  • Refining polish used with the second machine polish
  • IPA prep application to remove excess oils
  • Ceramic Coating primer applied
  • Ceramic Coating sealant applied
  • Final inspection

The Signature Treatment Is Perfect For

Luxury Treatment

Tailored for clients who appreciate premium services and desire a meticulous approach to car detailing that emphasises craftsmanship.

Customised Care

Provides personalised attention to specific areas, ensuring every aspect of your vehicle receives expert treatment tailored to your preferences.
Prestige Experience
Exemplifies auto artistry delivering standout results that exceed expectations and elevate your car to a new level of refinement.

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What Our Customers Say

Got questions? Check out our car detailing FAQs

My car has a lot of scratches and swirls. Can the Signature package make them disappear?
The Signature package is our most advanced paint correction option. It includes a multi-stage polishing process specifically designed to remove deep scratches and swirls, restoring the paint to a near-flawless state.
Will this make my car look better than when it was new?
That's definitely the goal! The Signature package goes beyond a factory finish. The level of paint correction and the superior ceramic coating will give your car an exceptional gloss and depth.
How long will the results of the Signature package last?
The ceramic coating offers long-term protection, typically lasting several years with proper maintenance. This helps keep your car looking its best and protects the investment you've made in the detailing.
I'm really particular about my car. How does the Signature package go the extra mile?
The Signature package is about meticulous attention to detail. Our technicians take extra time in every step, ensuring no area is overlooked and the final result meets the highest standards.
What makes the Signature package 'Effective long-term protection'?
The combination of advanced paint correction and a high-quality ceramic coating creates a durable shield against environmental damage. This ensures your car's renewed finish stays looking incredible for a long time.