The Essential Detailing Service

The perfect entry-level detailed appearance for neglected vehicles.

About The Essential Treatment

This comprehensive service focuses on preserving your car’s exterior and interior, preventing the buildup of contaminants and extending the lifespan of protective treatments. With the highest-quality products and tools, we ensure your vehicle looks its best maintaining its value and beauty.

Our Essential Detail Treatment is perfect for customers aiming to sustain their vehicle’s allure. It suits those interested in maintaining their current protection as an aftercare service or achieving an entry-level detailed appearance for neglected vehicles.

Prices From: £250.00
Est. Duration: 6-10 Hours (Unit Based Only)

  • Vehicle inspection upon arrival
  • Preparation by hand
  • Snow foam decontamination process
  • Hand treated using PH balanced products
  • Safe two stage bucket method process
  • Iron fallout and tar removal process
  • All door shuts, hinges and surrounds degreased
  • Badges and seals agitated
  • Alloy wheels treated with PH balanced degreaser
  • Wheel arches pressure treated
  • Machine dry to remove excess liquids
  • Exterior vinyl’s, rubbers and plastics treated
  • Interior steamed and treated inc boot
  • Mats removed and treated
  • Interior leather/fabric treated and protected
  • Glass treated in and out
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exterior hand polished using specialist materials
  • IPA prep application to remove excess oils
  • Ceramic Wax Coating finish
  • Final inspection 

The Essential Package Is Perfect For

Prevention Focus

Perfect for clients seeking an in-depth decontamination to maintain and prevent dirt build up to protect their vehicle’s appearance.
Foundational Care

Offers fundamental detailing services to ensure your car stays in top condition, inside and out.

Ideal for clients new to car detailing or those seeking a straightforward package to maintain their vehicle’s appearance.

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What Our Customers Say

Got questions? Check out our car detailing FAQs

I'm pretty good about washing my car regularly. Do I still need the Essential package?
Yes! Regular washing is great, but the Essential package goes deeper, removing contaminants that washing can't touch. Think of it like a deep cleaning for your car, extending the results of your regular washes and protecting your paintwork.
My car has some water spots and light swirl marks. Will this package take care of those?
The Essential package will significantly improve those issues. It includes decontamination treatments to remove water spots and a hand polish to reduce the appearance of light swirl marks.
I want to protect my car's paint, but I'm not looking for a full correction. Is the Essential package right for me?
Definitely! The Essential package includes a ceramic wax coating that provides a protective layer against the elements, helping your car stay cleaner for longer and making it easier to wash.
I've never had my car professionally detailed. Is the Essential package a good place to start?
Absolutely! The Essential package offers a comprehensive detailing experience at an entry-level price, introducing you to the benefits of professional car care.
What does the 'Prevention Focus' mean in the description?
It means the Essential package is designed to proactively protect your car's finish. The deep cleaning and ceramic wax coating help shield against future damage and make it easier to keep your car looking its best.