De-chrome Wrapping

Achieve a modern look with de-chrome wrapping

Professional de-chrome wrapping in Bromley

Vehicle de-chrome wrapping is a customisation process that involves removing or covering the chrome elements of a vehicle’s exterior with specialised vinyl wrap materials.

This technique is employed to transform the appearance of a vehicle, giving it a sleek and modern aesthetic, while also protecting the original chrome finish underneath.

Dechrome wrapping is commonly done on various parts of a vehicle, including the grille, window trims, door handles and other chrome accents. 

De-chrome wrapping is perfect for

Enhanced Aesthetics
Transform your car with a sleek, understated look that turns heads. De-chrome wrapping offers a subtle yet impactful change.
Preserve your original chrome finish from scratches and wear while enhancing the appearance of your vehicle.


Choose from various colors and finishes, including matte black, gloss, or carbon fiber, to achieve your desired look.

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What Our Customers Say

Got questions? Check out our de-chrome wrapping FAQs

Is de-chrome wrapping reversible?
Yes! High-quality vinyl can be removed without damaging the original chrome, allowing you to restore the original look of your car.
Can de-chrome wrapping be done on any car?
De-chrome wrapping is suitable for most vehicles with chrome accents. Our experts will assess your car to ensure a seamless application.
How does de-chrome wrapping differ from blacking out chrome?
Both achieve a similar look, but de-chrome wrapping offers greater versatility in colour and finish options beyond just black.
What is the durability of de-chrome wrapping?
With professional installation and care, a de-chrome wrap can last for several years, protecting the underlying chrome from the elements.
How much does de-chrome wrapping cost?
The cost depends on the extent of the chrome elements on your vehicle and the chosen vinyl material. Contact us for a personalised quote.