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About Our Aftercare Plans

Prices Between: £75.00 – £145.00

Have your car feeling and looking fresh 365 of the year. We offer an Aftercare Plan to maintain your vehicle post treatment. This is to preserve the standard that we set along with upholding the value and life of your vehicle. We have three flexible options to choose from.

Preservation of Coating

Our aftercare plan protects your ceramic coating, keeping it working like new.

Structured Maintenance

Our aftercare plan includes scheduled detailing treatments for consistent protection.

Flexible Options

Choose the maintenance interval that fits your needs: every 2 to 6 weeks.

Convenience and Value

Enjoy a beautiful car with less effort. Our aftercare plan maximises value and saves you time.

How It Works:

step 1 eligibility


To be eligible for the E.C. Car Detailing Aftercare Plan, you must initially book in for any of our Detailing packages starting from our Protection Detail Treatment 6 weeks prior to starting the Aftercare Plan.

This will form the high level of standard in which we set for your vehicle(s) to be maintained going forward.

step 2 duration

Step 2

We will agree with you your preferred occurrence for maintaining your vehicle based on your requirements. The longer you leave between each Detail treatment will determine how much time is required to be spent on the vehicle to revert it back to the standard initially set.

You can choose between the following intervals:

Every 2 Weeks: Price From £75.00
Every 4 Weeks: Price From £110.00
Every 6 Weeks: Price From £145.00

*Please note, for every mile outside our 10 mile radius, prices will be an additional £3.00 to cover extra travel costs.
step 3 scheduling

Step 3

Following the completion of your first Detailing treatment with us, we will arrange a convenient date for your next booking in line with your preferred maintenance and aftercare option.

Please note, if you need to rearrange your booking, we will require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. We will attempt to re-book your Maintenance Detail Aftercare Plan within your agreed schedule.

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What Our Customers Say

Got questions? Check out our aftercare FAQs

What is the E.C. Car Detailing Aftercare Plan?
The Aftercare Plan is a subscription service designed to maintain your vehicle's appearance and preserve the quality of the detailing treatments it received. It ensures your vehicle continues to look and feel fresh all year round.
How does the Aftercare Plan work?

Step 1: Plan Eligibility:
To qualify for the Aftercare Plan, you must first book one of our detailing packages, starting from our Correction Detail Treatment, at least 6 weeks prior to starting the plan.

Step 2: Optional Duration:
You choose the frequency of maintenance detailing treatments based on your preference: every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, or every 6 weeks. Prices range from £75.00 to £145.00.

Step 3: Scheduling:
After your initial detailing treatment, we'll schedule your subsequent appointments based on your chosen maintenance interval.

What are the benefits of the Aftercare Plan?

Preservation of Coating Quality:
Our plan is tailored to preserve the quality of the ceramic coating applied during detailing, ensuring it continues to offer protection over time.

Structured Maintenance:
The Aftercare Plan provides a systematic approach to maintaining your vehicle's appearance with regular detailing treatments at specified intervals.

Flexible Options:
You have the flexibility to choose maintenance intervals that suit your schedule and preferences, ranging from every 2 weeks to every 6 weeks.

Convenience and Value:
By opting for the Aftercare Plan, you can conveniently maintain your vehicle's appearance while preserving its value and longevity.

How do I sign up for the Aftercare Plan?

To sign up for the Aftercare Plan, simply book one of our detailing packages and express your interest in joining the Aftercare Plan during the booking process. Our team will guide you through the next steps.

Please note that the Aftercare Plan is a direct debit subscription service, ensuring seamless payments for your convenience.

Can I reschedule my maintenance appointments?

Yes, you can reschedule your appointments with a minimum of 48 hours' notice without any additional charges.

However, cancellations made with less than 48 hours' notice will incur a charge of 50% of the cost of the scheduled appointment.

We'll do our best to accommodate your request and reschedule your maintenance detailing within your agreed-upon schedule.

Please ensure to inform us of any changes as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

Are there additional charges for appointments outside your radius?

Yes, for appointments outside our 10-mile radius, there's an additional charge of £3.00 to cover extra travel costs. However, this will be communicated to you beforehand.

Is the Aftercare Plan suitable for all vehicles?
Yes, the Aftercare Plan is suitable for all vehicles, regardless of make or model. It's designed to help maintain the appearance and value of your vehicle over time.
Can I cancel my Aftercare Plan subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your Aftercare Plan subscription at any time. Please inform us in advance, and we'll assist you with the cancellation process.
How do I know which maintenance interval is right for my vehicle?
Our team will help you determine the appropriate maintenance interval based on factors such as your vehicle's usage, environmental conditions, and your personal preferences. We'll work with you to find the best fit for your needs.
Are there any special discounts or offers available with the Aftercare Plan?
Occasionally, we may offer special discounts or promotions exclusively for Aftercare Plan subscribers. Be sure to inquire about any current offers when signing up or during your maintenance appointments.