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Welcome to E.C. Car Detailing, a sanctuary for automotive beauty and precision. We are a bespoke car detailing specialist and restoration company based in Beckenham. With a passion for perfection, we offer premium car detailing services meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and preserve your vehicle’s appearance.

We are just as fussy as you are about your car and our expert team, armed with advanced techniques, ensures that every inch of your car is restored to its former glory.

Why Choose Our Studio?

17,000 Lumens

Our blackout studio is illuminated by an impressive 17,000 lumens of light, ensuring every detail of your vehicle is revealed with absolute clarity. With controlled lighting, even the smallest imperfections are brought to light.

Blackout Studio

Our blackout studio is intentionally designed to enhance the visual inspection process of your vehicle. The black interior of our studio is to ensure every defect is noticed and addressed.

Controlled Environment

Your vehicle’s transformation takes place within a controlled environment from temperature to humidity levels to dust and debris control. Every aspect is carefully managed to provide the ideal conditions for optimal results.

Safety and Security

Our facility is equipped with security systems and cameras to safeguard your vehicle while it’s in our care. Our team technicians adheres to strict safety protocols ensuring the protection of your vehicle in our studio.

Pairing You With The Perfect Car Detailing Service

Detailing preserves car aesthetics, shields paint from damage, raises resale worth, averts corrosion and guarantees a durable, immaculate vehicle condition.

The Essential

The Essential suits those interested in maintaining their current protection as an aftercare service or achieving an entry-level detailed appearance for neglected vehicles.

The Correction

The Correction suits those targeting deeper stains, scratches and imperfections, restoring your car’s shine and beauty with diligent attention to detail including a single-stage machine polish process. 

The Signature

 The Signature suits those requiring personalised attention to specific areas tailored to your preferences. Featuring a multi-stage machine polishing process and Ceramic Coating application.

The Ultimate

 The Ultimate suits those who demand the best, receiving a premium experience that sets a new standard in automotive detailing. Leaving your car in better-than-showroom condition with flawless results.

How We Work

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step 4

Detailing completed

step 5

You collect or we deliver

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What Our Customers Say

Aftercare Detailing Plans to keep your car in pristine condition

Have your car feeling and looking fresh 365 of the year. We offer an Aftercare Plan to maintain your vehicle post treatment. This is to preserve the standard that we set along with upholding the value and life of your vehicle.

We have three flexible options to choose from to suit a range of budgets and requirements. Click below to find out more about our various aftercare plans including what’s included and the cost.

Got questions? Check out our Car Detailing FAQs

Chat to our team on WhatsApp, or call 07588 677277 to discuss your detailing service